To The Top

After you make it everybody gon’ support/Where was y’all at when I ain’t have the Porsche?/Where was y’all at when I practiced on the court/for them nights like LeBron show up in the fourth?/Ain’t nan one of y’all even pass me the ball/I had to run and go get it in the grass short or tall/Dialed out, no one answered the calls/Now they like a sober addict they waiting for withdrawal/Uh, and I’m fake if I don’t give it/like a package lost in the mail, they don’t get it/My blood, sweat, tears, I forfeited/Dough, respect, cheers, and for a fitted/’Cause winning is everything, I want my words set in stone like a wedding ring/I want even what I can’t have, settling/is for those who choose to go readily/

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