Trying to play the hand I was dealt by the card dealer/

Comin’ from the bottom, kitchen floor ’til I’m a Godzilla/

that mean I just rep tiles, ‘member I was left out/

#Baseball fielder or red headed step child/

Now a nigga in though, letter after M though/

And all I spit is fire, Amazon Kindle/

Y’all niggas just them Nooks, looks and got hooks/

But y’all niggas tell stories, y’all only good for books/

But me I’m good for more, #Apple’s App Store/

I’m the entrance to a building, just tell me what you adore (a door)/

No liiiieeeeeiiiiieeeeeeaaaaa/

V, W, X, they wonder whyeeeeeiiiiieeeeeiiiiaaaa/

with all the odds against me I still trrrrrrryyyyyyyiiiieeeeeaaaaa/

’cause you never fly ‘fraid to fall out the sky/

So I went and spread my wings, I was already on the edge/

I’m jumpin’ off that cliff hopin’ not to land my head/

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