Parents Just Don’t Understand

So, if you didn’t already know I am an actor/model. One of the things I have learned while pursuing this line of work is that it’s a business that does not easily forgive. What I mean by that is if you sign on to do work and don’t show up for the work that may be your last time getting work for a while. Of course, you can liken it to other jobs if you want but I think it’s even a bit more extremist in the entertainment world. Because everyone is on such a tight schedule and things often are sectioned off to be completed at a certain time you are provided work based on that. If you renege then it can deem you unreliable and frankly make clients not want to do business with you again. Therefore, when I signed on to do a shoot for Ball State University this past Thursday I was met with a struggle that threatened to walk this line. Earlier that week I had put my car in the shop and was under the impression that I would get it back the next day. However, the shop did not return my car that quickly. I was offered work for this project and foolishly agreed to do it thinking my car would be back in my possession by the time I need to be in Muncie, Indiana. Unfortunately, this did not happen and I tried to enlist the help of either my mother or father to assist me in getting to my destination. First, I tried with my mother. She’s a school teacher and is out for the summer. I thought surely she would have the time to take me. She insisted that she needed to get an oil change. I asked her if she could then either switch out cars with my Grandma and wait on getting her oil change or take my Grandma to work while I used my Grandma’s car. I was met with vague answers which basically amounted to a no. I then decided to ask my father to see if I could use my sister’s car since she was away at college for a program to get her ready for her fall semester. My father insisted that I ask my sister. I advised him that I already had and that she told me that she was fine with me using her car. He told me he would call me back and of course he never did. Didn’t they realize that this is important? Can’t they see that my livelihood is on the line and each interaction is an opportunity for me to network?

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