Like a sprained ankle boy ain’t nothing to play with

The title of this post comes from a line inspired by rap’s current favorite, Drake. Unfortunately, it is all I could think about yesterday as I injured myself on the first play of this basketball tournament I had been invited to. I cannot remember the last time I had sprained my ankle but WOW is it an inconvenience. I have often said to people that we never realize how much we use our bodies until we cannot use them. Walking is an essential part of my everyday life. I do it easily and to have been slightly incapacitated this last 24 hours has been a real hinderance but always eye-opener for me. Not to brag or seem “entitled” but I rarely ever become injured. And if something does happen to where I do my body has always seemed to be very resilient to where the pain does not last for long, thankfully. Growing up I mistakenly just thought I was special but as I have become older and have become more aware of my limitations as a human being I have understood that I have just been blessed. Now, after spending the better part of a day trying to find “natural” remedies to become 100 percent again I realize that I may need to be a little bit more careful. I went through a whole slew of things: putting a cold water bottle on my ankle, icing it down, elevating it constantly, taking 3 naproxen sodium (so far), going to the health-food store to acquire a CBD patch and lastly putting some epsom salt inside an electric food massager I have. With each remedy I can feel my ankle reducing swelling and getting back to me being able to my old self.

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