In My Own Lane

They say get in where you fit in but they could never get me measured/So, I saw all the angles and that just made me clever/BIGTIME made me better, Grandmom kept me together/Now I’m flyer than a feather still find a piece (Peace) like Metta/Since I was chilling with Zanetta, Indy Apollo Theater shit/Always knew the life I wanted so went out and created it/Know many who debated it, do what I love and they hated it/But when you know you’re the God there’s bound to be a few atheist/That’s expected so I never do what’s expected/Life’s tightrope you’ll have typos, only YOU can auto-correct/So, I took the shot like tetanus, trying to..get back…on my feet/My cousin said hit the streets and young move that D/Best believe, then I thought of the future, future I’m trying to see/Had me thinking on all my niggas that’s permanently sleep/Saw them fail so I’ll excel won’t let it happen to me/On the road alone kept me going when my tank was on E/

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