Bit way more than I can chew, way back when I could choose/

I chose you, no pro choice move not thinkin’ what I could lose/

By givin’ birth to this relationship I aborted any room/

For any datin’ or chick chasin’, I probably should grabbed them shoes/

And ran this here like cleats but to be, be my own dude/

and stand on my two feet, I just had to do/

And now feelings are involved, back’s against the wall/

I’m bringin’ out the shots ’cause I ain’t got the calls/

‘Cause I ain’t got the balls to tell you that’s it off/

‘Cause still in love you but also a dog/

Don’t want you now, want you later/

But no TiVo for relations/

Only problem: you ain’t the waitress/

and the orders that I’m placin’/

you the only one that gets it right/

but I’m sittin’ likeĀ i-it’s in sight/

someone who gon’ pick it up where you left off/

Without you restaurants is mess halls/

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