Be Careful

They say dudes don’t read long text but they do write them, though/

From that walk in the gardens, never used you like a hoe/

I let you go, enter my soul, places they’ve never known/

It was early on, was I wrong giving key to my home?/

Might as well been my heart, both of them can be broken/

Know deep down I’m flawed with all of my emotions/

Hide ‘em like a clause, I don’t mean that I’m Logan/

But since I’m your ex-man, feel shitty like a colon/

I made you my focus, I remained devoted/

Built me up to break me down, I just got demoted/

‘Sposed to decide together, you’re the only one that voted/

Even Michelle stunted on Barack ‘fore he became the POTUS, GIRL/

when I say I love you, I mean that/

For you, I’d reach in my pocket, give up my last greenback/

If we’re freezing, off my back let you wear my jean jack/

You could hardly walk, I’d give you my legs for the rehab…GIRL/

…Why I’m still thinking of you?/

It’s been 5 months and I ain’t heard an inkling from you/

All could be solved by convo, let logic seep and come through/

On some Ty D $ign, I’ll love you better than he can love you!/

It could all be so simple, Lauryn Hill my mental/

Instead this lump in my throat just like a lymph node/

It could all be so simple, Lauryn Hill my mental/

I’m lovesick, something can’t be cured any soup that’s lentil/

You said you care for me, cared for me/

Always thought you’d be there, said you’d be there for me/

Did you lie, did you lie to me?

I’d die for you, would you die for me?

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